Si tuviera un tercer nombre sería “Progreso”

If I had a third name it would be 


About me

Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Jorge Chávez


A man who, apart from having been an introverted child, having lived in a small town in Ecuador and having grown up in a family with its values, beliefs and customs, was not satisfied with his reality and began to develop his entrepreneurial spirit at an early age , for today, to become a wise, resilient, empathetic person with high self-esteem.

Jorge resides in Quito-Ecuador, is a Data Network Engineer by profession, has studies in Business Administration, is an expert in corporate development, high personal performance, entrepreneurship, technologies and electronic commerce. He currently works as a teacher in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of the UTE University, he is a life coach, business coach, mentor of entrepreneurs, master speaker and ambassador of the international chamber of speakers.

He is the creator of the 3S ™ methodology, which is based on a set of scientific techniques, tools and methods structured and organized in such a way that they help people and companies anywhere in the world to be successful. Additionally, the methodology provides new entrepreneurs with the guidance and tools necessary to start the hard path of entrepreneurship, thus allowing them to reduce risk and take advantage of their most important asset, which is "TIME". Read more...

jorge chavez
Let's get started

He has been trained by the best in personal high performance such as: Tony Robbins, who has trained greats such as: Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pitbull, Connor McGregor ... He has also been trained by Jhon Hanley PHD ( Quatin transformation) and Tete Martinez (Hoponopono).

He likes soccer and despite the surgeries on his knees he loves to do sports, he is a triathlete, he likes to run, swim, bike, he has participated in two ironman IM70.3 and other competitions, he is fascinated by nature, traveling, meeting new people places and cultures, he is passionate about knowledge in topics related to personal development, business, investments, finances, neurosciences, emotional intelligence, spirituality, among others. Read more...